Dear Colleagues,

The Organizing Committee of the 2014 AMEWPR Annual Meeting and the AMEWPR Advisory Board cordially invite you to attend this year’s Annual Meeting of the Association for Medical Education in the Western Pacific Region (AMEWPR), which will take place on 7th-8th June, 2014 at the National Academy for Educational Research in Taipei, Taiwan.

The Association for Medical Education in the Western Pacific Region (AMEWPR), being one of the six regional associations of the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME), endeavors to advance quality medical education in the region, and in recent years, it has focused on actively promoting and assisting with the adoption of the WFME Guidelines and Standards for accreditation of medical education programs in some member countries. Hence this year’s meeting will focus on the challenges of medical accreditation from a global perspective through the sharing of regional and national experiences.

We have invited the President of the WFME, Dr. Stefan C. Lindgren, and the Chairman of the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), Dr. N. Emmanuel G. Cassimatis, as our keynote speakers this year. They will discuss the vision, goals, and plans for the implementation for global accreditation of medical education by 2023 by each of their respective organizations. The AMEWPR and the South East Asian Regional Association for Medical Education (SEARAME) will share their perspectives on this issue, followed by representatives from countries with much experience in accreditation: Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Taiwan. For each segment, we have scheduled ample time for discussion and exchange so that all participants may contribute their experiences, expertise, insights, and wisdom.

Amid these discussions about striving towards an international level of medical accreditation, we should also step back and reflect on the impact of such globalization and adoption of foreign systems and standards on each country. We are honored to have Professor Chun-Chieh Huang from the National Taiwan University to share with us his viewpoint on this important issue. And at the end of our deliberations, Dr. Andrew T. Huang will guide us to think about what else we can do to improve the quality of medical education.

In addition to delegates from AMEWPR member nations, representatives from SEARAME will also be present this year. Their participation offers an extremely valuable and unique opportunity for exchanges, liaisons, and potentially useful collaborations among schools, medical educational societies, accreditation agencies, and nations. Hence, we would like to extend our invitation to all who are dedicated to the advancement of medical education and its accreditation to take part in this significant gathering.

The location for this year’s annual meeting, Taipei, is renowned for its magnificent natural scenery, abundant activities, and rich culinary culture. It has been listed as the best “remarkable place for solo travel” this year by BuzzFeed, a US-based social news and entertainment website. Furthermore, Taiwan is small enough for day trips throughout the island, but big enough to cater to all visitors with their diverse interests, be it the mountains or the sea. Following Taiwan’s tradition of hospitality towards our guests, we have arranged for a variety of cultural and social programs within and outside of the meeting, so please save its dates on your calendar.

We look forward to your participation and to welcoming you to Taipei this June.



Ducksun Ahn, M.D.
President, Association for Medical Education in the Western Pacific Region (AMEWPR)

Chi-Wan Lai, M.D.
Chairman, Taiwan Medical Accreditation Council (TMAC)

Shan-Chwen Chang, M.D., Ph.D.
President, Taiwan Association of Medical Education (TAME)


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